Water and land excavator construction

Hubei Changhe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of construction experience and has a mature construction team. The project involves dredging projects, lake development, land reclamation, beach piling, and oil pipeline sinking. It has deep cooperation with water conservancy engineering enterprises such as Hebei Water and Land Bureau, Yangtze River Waterway Bureau and China Shipping Bureau. The construction projects cover more than 50 provinces and cities and poor environmental areas throughout the country.

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Dredging project

The dredging project, also known as the dredging project, is an earthwork project carried out by dredging vessels or other implements and artificial underwater excavation to widen and deepen the waters. We break the traditional low-efficiency, high-intensity and high-input construction scheme, and change the dredger to an amphibious excavator that can walk freely in the silt. The use of the cutter pump will increase the efficiency of the dredging project by several times.

Lake development

Due to the development of industries such as tourism and aquaculture, many areas with relatively scarce resources will develop waters such as ponds and lakes in a targeted manner. Our Amphibious excavator plays an important role in the project. The advantages of free walking on land and water environment can be combined with the versatility of the excavator, which effectively improves the efficiency of construction in the lake development project and solves many construction problems.


In the construction of the reclamation field, it is necessary to construct a dike to block the seawater. Our land and water excavators can walk freely on the beach and shallow sea, and greatly solve many construction problems during the construction process. The construction team has accumulated many years of experience and technology in various projects such as reclamation and land reclamation. At present, the water and land excavator has become one of the indispensable equipments for reclaiming land.

Piling on the beach

The amphibious excavator can cooperate with the corresponding piling attachments to solve the engineering problem in the shallow water area and the swamp environment.