Water and land excavator, fighter in excavator

Take you to the next excavator designed for use in wetlands, marshes and water networks for river dredging operations.

“The most sorrowful thing is that in the most muddy place, my car has passed, but your car is stuck in the mud.” This is a joke in the circle of excavators. Construction machinery designed for dredging operations in wetlands, marshes and other water network environments.

Although the name of the land and water excavator sounds like a dual-purpose engineering equipment that can be used on land and in water, when the track chain is in hard contact with the road when working on land, the wear point of the load will increase the track chain. The life of use. Because the chain break in the water is a very troublesome thing, many water and land excavator project owners directly avoid the connection between the excavator and the hard road, and choose to directly launch the wet land, swamp or softer river bank. .

Land excavators (alias dry excavation) are limited in their own characteristics, making them unable to work in muddy environments. This kind of defect of land excavators is just the advantage of water and land excavators (alias water digging), so Water and land excavators are often found in certain water conservancy projects related to water management and river dredging or channel dredging.

At this stage, the whole country is fully pursuing environmental pollution and implementing the “river system”. The main person in charge of the central party and government is the chief of the river, focusing on the protection of river management and management, and will invest most of the energy and funds in the river management. Silt related projects will have a very large market in the future.

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