Water carrier – Changhe and Sany reached a cooperation to produce amphibious super-combat aircraft

With the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, ordinary road machinery and equipment can no longer meet the construction operation needs. The water carrier – Changhe amphibious excavator will be officially put into production to fully promote the development of the excavator industry. On July 27th, Hubei Changhe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Sany Heavy Machinery Wuhan Jiuzhou Long Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held talks and reached a cooperation agreement. The two companies are strong and strong, and cooperate fully to achieve a win-win situation in technology research and development and production.

Director of Hubei Changhe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Tiejun, General Manager of Wuhan Kyushu Long Remanufacturing, Mr. Dai Pei, Manager of Wuhan Kyushu Longda Client Department, and Loader Department discussed the ship excavation, technological innovation and future cooperation and development.

Machine construction case
The Sany amphibious excavator can excavate in the swamp, silt and river conditions with a depth of 1.5-6m.

Hubei Changhe Machinery has been committed to the R&D and production of engineering machinery and equipment in the water conservancy industry; Sany is the leading industry in engineering machinery and has the core technology of excavating machinery. Wuhan Jiuzhoulong is the agent of Sany in Hubei. The two companies combine technological advantages and independence. R & D and reconstruction of the ship, its SY75, SY205C and other multi-type ship excavation has been put into use for many years, the later full-type ship excavation will be fully produced, large-scale manufacturing.

1. Equipped with super wide track and pontoon track beams to improve the stability of work under complex conditions such as silt, swamp and shoal.
2. The lower case adopts special surface treatment technology, which greatly improves the waterproof and rust-proof ability.
3. With specially designed walking mechanism, the walking force and walking speed fully meet the needs of soft ground operation.

Changhe Machinery Water and Land Excavator has sold its products to North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other five continents relying on its strong international sales ability and sales network. Whether in the hot Middle East, cold pan-Russia, and poor working conditions in Africa, amphibious excavators have won unanimous praise from the market for their outstanding performance. Now, together with the Sany brand, we believe that in the near future, Changhe Land and Water Excavator will become the leader in the global excavator industry based on the leader of the Chinese excavator market.

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