Is the land and water excavator different from the ordinary excavator?

Some people may know from the name of the amphibious excavator that this is a large-scale special machinery specially used to excavate the silt in the shoal in the water? By the way, it is a multi-purpose excavator that can solve the problem of underwater operation compared with other ordinary excavators, and it also greatly improves the work efficiency in dredging. Is there a difference between an amphibious excavator and a conventional excavator?

The so-called land and water, it must be an excavator that can work in both water and on land. The land and water excavator has one more use than the ordinary excavator, that is, it can also be excavated in the water. This is a kind of excavation work in some polluted wetlands and lakes, mainly to remove pollutants from these places and make these places become pollution-free soil. This is something that traditional excavators cannot do. Some people may say that you can drive an ordinary excavator to the ship to do the work, but if you think about it, how much money does it take to get it?

Because the water and land excavator is different from the ordinary excavator, it is not only suitable for working on land but also for some areas where coastal cities and lakes are dense. The main job of these areas is to clean the underwater mud. Clean up the river and so on. Instead, its work on land became secondary, but it played a supporting role. However, it should be noted that it is not available for underwater operations. It also has a requirement for water depth. If it is too deep, it will not be able to reach it, and it will not work.

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